ISVS e-journal

ISVS e-journal is the official journal of the International Society for the Study of Vernacular Settkements, which organises the bi-annual International Seminar on Vernacular Settlements. The papers published in ISVS e-journal are blind peer reviewed by at least two reviewers before publication. Many of the papers published have been chosen from among those which have been presented at the ISVS seminars and subsequently been re-developed to the standards expected by the journal. However, direct submissions are accepted and are also published. The papers published in the ISVS e-journal are original and differ significantly from what has been presented at the ISVS seminars.

Publication Ethics and Malpractices Statement

If you are an author, you should first read the 'Publication Ethics and Malpractices Statement' accessible from the above link and agree to abide by the conditions before your paper can be accepted for publication.If you are invited as a reviewer, you are also required to accept the conditions laid out therein before any papers are accepted for review.

If you need any clarifications, please write to

Download the Template for Papers

If you are an author, you should download the template from here and write your paper in this template. If it has already been done according to another format, copy paste to the template and make sure the specifications in the template are applied. Please format the paper fully with all images embedded. The images should be compressed to document level. High resolution images cannot be published in the e-journal

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