ISVS-12 in 2023:Bangkok, Thailand

Vernacular Built-environments: Towards a Sustainable Future

ISVS 12 was just concluded at the Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a great event. We returned to East Asia after quite sometime and met many old friends while meeting some of the greatest people on earth: students were hospitable, caring, friendly and intellectually hungry. Participants brought new knowledge and shared them among the others producing what could be called an Intellectual Oasis. They experienced different cultures and new friendships. Landmark event, it consolidated the ISVS as a formidable seminar on vernacular settlements

Visit the conference website and see the images of vibrant happenings:
Please write to and share your thoughts and experiences. See you soon in Adelaide, Australia and in Ho Chi Ming City in Vietnam.

ISVS-11 held in 2022: Navrachna University, Vadodara, India

ISVS-11 took place on the 30th September 2022 at the Navrachna Univesrity, Gujrat, India. The keynote speakers were Prof. Ranjith Dayaratne of Sri Lanka, and Prof. Habib Khan and Architect Sandeep Virmani of India. It was one of the most successful events of the ISVS with a large number of participants and papers presented. ISVS 11 took place while the city celebrated the Navrathri festival, which is a unique traditional event in Gujrat. The participants walked to the city one night where the festival took place and watched the street-dancing. On the final day, there was a Navrathri festival at the University grounds and it was a spectacular event with all the participants dandcing to celebrate Navrathri. ISVS is thankful to Prof. Pratyush Shanker and his team for the great event. The theme of the Conference was Potency of the Vernacular Settlements. 80 papers were presented on the theme. They were all illuminating and thought provoking as usual.

ISVS-10 held in 2021:Bhopal, India

Domesticity in the Vernacular Settlements

ISVS-10 was held at the Bhopal, India. It was largely an online event, because of the Covid -19. However, it examined the very theme of the day: being home-bound. Themed 'Redomestication of the world after the Pandemic, it revisited the origins and manifestations of domesticity in vernacular settlements. Despite being online and on-site, it was a great event again with a 6 day workshop offered by Prof. Miki Desai from Ahmedabad.

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